Engaging Customer Service Training

Customer service training should be engaging, practical, and sticky.

Sure, accountants and tax attorneys don't mind boring training, but everyone else -- including you and your team -- abhors it. No worries, though. Our trainer -- a former executive leader with experience in the private- and public-sector -- is exceptionally engaging and utilizes practical and interactive learning strategies that stick.

Possessing an exceptionally strong customer service culture is the key to long-term customer retention and growth, which is why our customer service training programs place particular emphasis on strategies to cultivate and sustain an aligned and integrated customer-centric culture.

Customer service training should focus on strengthening your culture.

Customer service training requires more than canned DVD videos.

If your business is serious about improving its customer service culture, DVD training videos and canned webinars aren't going to get the job done. Instead, you need a customized customer service training program that offers an optimal combination of onsite, online, and large and small group training strategies.

Customer service training should produce results.

We're so confident that our customer service training programs will make a difference for your business, that we offer the following promise: If our customer service training programs do not achieve results for your organization, we'll do whatever it takes to make everything right. Yes, we practice what we preach!

Our Customer Service Training Philosophy

Front-Line Training

• Listening Strategically
• Amping up our Attitude
• Working with Irate Customers
• Following Through
• Cultivating Emotional Connections
• Plus Customized Topics

Leadership Training

• Improving Internal Customer Service
• Building & Extending Trust
• Communicating Diplomatically
• Incentivizing Excellence
• Mentoring Future Leaders
• Plus Customized Topics

Culture Improvement

• Defining Purpose
• Expressing Gratitude
• Connecting Departmental Silos
• Improving Communication
• Embracing Accountability
• Plus Customized Topics

Our Training: Available Onsite or Online

Practical, engaging, relevant, and fun! The training furnished my staff with the ability to hone in on what we do, differentiate us, and equip us to make our excellence in customer service resonate across the agency.

We particularly liked the "customization" aspect of your program and appreciate that you took the time to learn about our particular business so that we could immediately apply what we learned with great success. Thank you again!

Vania Schwab
Lead Program Specialist
U.S. Forest Service

Nancy DeLuca
First Priority Travel

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